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Conditioning the air

Released on December 24, 2020



1, Heater  22:24

2, Cooler  21:31

3, Dryer (bonus track)  16:34

Recorded Aug - Dec 2020

Daisuke Fujiwara on Tr2

Thank you : Riki hidaka, Yuko Chigira

​Available on Bandcamp

Mosaic modulations

Released on August 3rd, 2020



1. A

2. B

3. B-

4. A-

5. C

6. B+

7. liked

この作品はbitwig内のfxgridというシステムを使って構築した様々なバリエーションのMod delayで​、Beatやシンセの音にDelayのモザイクを施すという実験作品です。


Recorded in July 2020
Daisuke Fujiwara played flute on Tr 3, 4, 6
I played Nord drum, Korg minilogue and bitwig

​Available on Bandcamp


Released on July 1st, 2020



1. Part t

2. Part a

3. Part z


Recommendation: when listening to this album, please play the tracks as loud as possible.

Recorded in May and June 2020
Played piano, steel drum, gender wayang, cymbals, metals

Thank you : Yoshio Machida, Atsuko Hatano

​Available on Bandcamp

Stray Cymbals

Released on June 17th, 2020



1. Part 1

2. Part 2


All the sounds used in this piece are based on cymbal bowing sounds.

Recorded in March and June 2020
28" chinese gong cymbal, bow, pedals, bitwig

Cover art : Atelier E
Photos : Kuniyoshi Taikou

​Available on Bandcamp

mipyokopyoko / mupyokopyoko

Released on May 23rd, 2020



1. mipyokopyoko

2. mupyokopyoko


The starting point for this piece is that I wanted to create something that focuses on the modulation between the sound of a frog and the sound of a bell, which was recorded using the proximity effect of a microphone.

Here are the results.

Daisuke Takaoka : Field recording on Tr1
Daisuke Fujiwara : Tenor sax on Tr1

​Available on Bandcamp


Released on April 29, 2020



1. shishu

2. shushuka



Recommendation: when listening to this album, please play the tracks as loud as possible.




Strings: Atsuko Hatano on both tracks

​Available on Bandcamp

LIVE at Foxhole 07112015 (remasterd)

Released on April 20, 2020



1. LIVE at Foxhole 07112015

このトラックは、元々会場限定CDR「a chromed cactus」として2018年から販売していたものの中の一つです。なので、CDRのほうにはもう一つトラックがあります。そして現在、このCDRはほぼ廃盤です。

This track is one of the two tracks contained in "a chromed cactus" (2018), CD-R exclusively sold at my live events. (At this point, there's only a few CDR left in stock.)
This is a multi-track recording of a solo performance at Foxhole in Kichijoji. In the end, the track evolves into something that sounds as if he is playing with numerous copies of himself.

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto : drums, metals, microphones, electronics,

Recorded and mixed by Yoshio Machida
Recorded at Foxhole Kichijoji

Originally released on July 4th 2018

Thanks to Foxhole and Yoshio Machida.

​Available on Bandcamp

dokoniittemo / itsumadetattemo

Released on April 3, 2020



1. dokoniittemo

2. itsumadetattemo


Tenor sax: Daisuke Fujiwara on Track 1

​Available on Bandcamp




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